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Scale AI Solution Faster with Intel(R) Technology

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⏱️ 11/18 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at 2nd Conference Room



“The AI Pipeline Runs on Intel” will first share with you the strategy of Intel AI. We optimize AI frameworks and software and developer tools to make them work out-of-the-box on Intel platforms. Next, we will share through customer cases how Intel AI Solution allows customers to build a complete end-to-end AI pipeline and can also be easily deployed in large quantities to solve the problem that prototype to mass-production challenge.

“Intel Habana AI training solutions” will cover Gaudi training solution and use case sharing

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  • 王宗業 Chungyeh Wang
  • Intel / Platform Software Architect
  • 美商英特爾公司平台研發協理,負責 Intel Edge AI 平台的客戶以及生態系統開發。擔任過台灣人工智慧學校經理人班,技術領袖班與 Edge AI 專班以及大專院校的深度學習課程業師,具有豐富的產業經驗。
  • Co-panelists:
    胡瑛敏 Amy Hu

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