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Biomedical Applications and Development of Bioinformatics, Big data, and AI

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⏱️ 11/19 (Sat.) 13:30-14:00 at 2nd Conference Room



人工智慧技術結合生物資訊學與生醫大數據,可使我們更深入地探索精準醫學及健康領域。本次演講將分享本人帶領研究團隊除了建置高通量資料分析平台與開發生物資訊學分析套件外,近年更結合 DNA 定序資料和數種醫學影像,開發出五種高效能的深度學習工具,可應用於分類及辨識 DNA 混合物、癌症分子分型、疾病預後、細菌學和腫瘤定位上,同時將其結果發表研究與部署專利,期望能由其模型開發、資料集建立和臨床實務的經驗,加速個人化醫療的推進和台灣醫療照護的轉型。

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  • 莊曜宇 Eric Y Chuang
  • College of Biomedical Engineering, China Medical University / Dean
  • Eric Y Chuang received his doctorate in cancer biology with toxicology and molecular genetics as two sub-specialties from Harvard University in 1997 and his doctoral thesis was to study radiation-induced mutagenesis in human cells. After graduation, he stayed at Harvard as a postdoctoral fellow for one year. He then joined the Radiation Biology Branch of National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) as an IRTA fellow to study radiogenomics in Bethesda, MD, USA. Next, he became the Head of Microarray Laboratory for Radiation Oncology Sciences Program at NCI; his lab was to develop new initiatives that utilized state-of-the-art microarray technologies for studying radiation oncology related research projects. After working at the NIH for several years, he took a faculty position at National Taiwan University (NTU). In 2009, he joined the Radiation Research Program of Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at NCI as a Program Director to oversee a portfolio of NIH grants that included radiation-induced signaling pathways, molecular mechanisms and normal tissue injuries as well as radiation related genomic studies. In 2011, he returned to NTU and was serving as the Director of Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics (BEBI) in 2012-2018. Dr. Chuang received his Executive MBA degree in International Business Management from NTU in June 2017. Currently, he is a Professor of BEBI at NTU and serving as the Dean of Collage of Biomedical Engineering, China Medical University. Being an expert in genomic technologies, bioinformatics, cancer, radiation biology & oncology, biomedical engineering, and precision medicine, he has published more than 158 peer-reviewed papers in related fields. Moreover, Dr. Chuang has been serving as an editorial board member of Scientific Reports, and the Editor-in-Chief of Translation Cancer Research ([ 連結]).

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