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Robe Yang

Robe Yang From Mainframe Terminal to State-of-the-Art No-Code AI Solution, What Did I Learn From My Teams?

本演講將以 Case Study 的方式來探討講者從團隊學到的經驗、培育團隊的方式,呼應這次年會「人才培育」主題。講者於二十年前從醫療資訊工程師開始工作 1 年多之後,臨危受命接任主管職位,至今的工作都是擔任資訊研發主管且為醫療與資訊相關領域,講者相信這二十年遇到的問題與經驗累積,也會在其他領域發生。演講後半段將會談到目前講者負責的產品,導入醫院會遇到 AI / 統計 / 資訊科學家人力不足的問題,這問題也會是其他產業目前面臨的問題,本演講最後將探討討論這問題可能的解決方向。
Lun-Wei Ku

Lun-Wei Ku Disinformation: Detection or Treatment?

Nowadays, most people have realized the impact of disinformation on our daily life. Many AI technologies have been applied to deal with it, especially for detecting it. However, users may have read the disinformation and believed it before the AI models can detect and remove it. In this talk, I will introduce some of the possible further solutions for changing people’s belief on the fake information. We focus on the way to provide the corrected information and explanations to users. We hope these methods can cover more target users and will be more effective as a kind of “treatment” rather than pure “diagnosis”.

當大家對假新聞的議題都能評論幾句的今日,除了使用 AI 技術自動找出假新聞之外,我們還能做甚麼呢?當假新聞在我們的日常生活氾濫成災,哪些人是接觸假新聞的高危險群呢?已經閱讀假新聞的使用者,我們該如何幫助他們?如何告訴大眾為什麼這是假新聞?他們會相信嗎?如何更好地解釋新聞之所以不真實的原因並扭轉讀者的認知?人工智慧技術在假新聞的議題上,除了偵測,我們能做的還有更多。在這個演講中,我將介紹假新聞偵測下一步的技術,並探討以人工智慧處理假新聞可能遇到的問題。
Ted Lien

Ted Lien Image Based Training And Perception for EV Speed Detection


In addition to transportation, Electrical Vehicle(EV) is going to be the main 3rd living space. One of the next focus of OEMs will be the 5-sense user experiences including sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in the smart cabin. The speaker will reveal the evolution of EV smart cabin through emerging AI technology.
Shih-Hao Hung

Shih-Hao Hung Privacy Enhancing Technologies for the AI Era

While machine learning has enabled innovative services, privacy issues emerge to be serious concerns. People become curious about big companies who gather personal data for misguided purposes. People become uncomforable when asked to provide personal data to use services, as the powerful AI behind the services may try to manipulate their lives. Privacy enhancing technologies are needed to remove the doubts and elevate the AI without violating personal privacy. In this talk, I would also like to argue that privacy is critical to the industry and should be viewed differently from security. Our societies in Taiwan have not paid enough attention to privacy enhancing technologies, but there is still time to catch up and seize the golden opportunities.
Guanhua Huang

Guanhua Huang 台中精機案例:鑄造鋁圈氣嘴標記點定位

Yu Chi, Liu

Yu Chi, Liu 宏遠興業案例:染色機群對色分析

Chia-Ming Chang

Chia-Ming Chang 宏遠興業案例:胚布品質分析

TC, Lin

TC, Lin 創維塑膠案例:工單排程分析規劃

Eric Y Chuang

Eric Y Chuang Biomedical Applications and Development of Bioinformatics, Big data, and AI


人工智慧技術結合生物資訊學與生醫大數據,可使我們更深入地探索精準醫學及健康領域。本次演講將分享本人帶領研究團隊除了建置高通量資料分析平台與開發生物資訊學分析套件外,近年更結合 DNA 定序資料和數種醫學影像,開發出五種高效能的深度學習工具,可應用於分類及辨識 DNA 混合物、癌症分子分型、疾病預後、細菌學和腫瘤定位上,同時將其結果發表研究與部署專利,期望能由其模型開發、資料集建立和臨床實務的經驗,加速個人化醫療的推進和台灣醫療照護的轉型。
Yen-Lin Chen

Yen-Lin Chen Applications of AI Technologies in ADAS

AI-based ADAS 關鍵技術發展
•ADAS 技術開發之開放資料集
•KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite
•The Cityscapes Dataset
•ADAS 研究成果分享與 AI 運算資源發展
•Vehicle Detection and Recognition
•Multiple Object Tracking
•Vehicle Movement Prediction
•Lane Detection
•Multi-task Model
Ren  C. LUO

Ren C. LUO AI Enhanced Multi-Model Knowledge Image Caption for Intelligent Robotics and Resilience Manufacturing Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence becomes an important core technology of soft power with wide spectrum of applications including robot integrated resilient manufacturing ecosystem as well as industrial cyber-physical systems (iCPS). As the industry encountered lack of skilled labors/human resources and increased wages, the need of AI enhanced autonomous mobile industrial robot (AMIR) and resilient supply chain management is obvious. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are investing in AI and intelligent robotics technology. Others are likely to follow, further to stimulate investment and innovation. AI enhanced Image Caption can recognize contains of picture and can speak out. It is high-level that generates the context scenario descriptions from an image automatically. We need to concern a variety of elements and their spatial information to form semantically and syntactically sentences. The aforementioned issues, challenges and opportunities will be the focus of this presentation including some exemplary best practices and research results with video demo from our NTU Intelligent Robotics and Automation Lab.
Amy Hu

Amy Hu Scale AI Solution Faster with Intel(R) Technology

“The AI Pipeline Runs on Intel” will first share with you the strategy of Intel AI. We optimize AI frameworks and software and developer tools to make them work out-of-the-box on Intel platforms. Next, we will share through customer cases how Intel AI Solution allows customers to build a complete end-to-end AI pipeline and can also be easily deployed in large quantities to solve the problem that prototype to mass-production challenge.

“Intel Habana AI training solutions” will cover Gaudi training solution and use case sharing
Ken J.S Lin

Ken J.S Lin Opportunities for AI Talents in the Semiconductor Industry

In this talk, we will disclose tsmc's current business trend and our globalization plan. We will talk the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing and how we leverage AI/ML to solve the business problems. In addition, we will discuss how we have been cultivating our AI talents internally at tsmc and externally for Taiwan students who are interested in this field. Finally, we will explain what kind of AI talents we are looking for and the opportunities as well as the environment we provide here.
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