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The Supply Chain Challenge and the Talent Demand Facing the Semiconductor Industry

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⏱️ 11/19 (Sat.) 09:30-10:00 at International Conference Hall



The talk will touch on key issues on supply chain challenges facing the semiconductor industry, including geopolitical risks. It will as well dress the talent demand and strategies for the industry. New technologies and emerging markets have brought diverse opportunities. Taiwan, as a small island of 23 million population, plays an imperative role on the frontline of the ICT world. The next decade will be Taiwan’s golden years and we need new policy initiatives and greater vision.

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  • 黃欽勇 Colley Hwang
  • DIGITIMES / Chairman & President
  • DIGITIMES《電子時報》創辦人,37 年科技產業分析師,亦為身經百戰的跨界創業與產業專家。一路見證從個人電腦、行動通信到物聯網的時代變革。多次受邀全球展會演講與知名院校授課。現任華航董事、玉山科技協會理事等。著作十餘本書,包括《矽島的危與機》《東方之盾》、 《矽島的危與機》、《斷鏈之後》、《科技島鏈》、《巧借東風》等。

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