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Opportunities for AI Talents in the Semiconductor Industry

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⏱️ 11/18 (Fri.) 17:00-17:30 at International Conference Hall


In this talk, we will disclose tsmc's current business trend and our globalization plan. We will talk the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing and how we leverage AI/ML to solve the business problems. In addition, we will discuss how we have been cultivating our AI talents internally at tsmc and externally for Taiwan students who are interested in this field. Finally, we will explain what kind of AI talents we are looking for and the opportunities as well as the environment we provide here.

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  • 林建憲 Ken J.S Lin
  • TSMC / Technical Manager, Manufacturing Technology RD Program
  • 大阪大學工學博士、台灣人工智慧學校經理班五期、長期致力於台灣半導體設備產業轉型工作與人工智慧產業化推動,目前任職於台灣積體電路公司
  • Co-panelists:
    局荊玲 Gina C. Chu,

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