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Disinformation: Detection or Treatment?

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⏱️ 11/19 (Sat.) 11:40-12:10 at International Conference Hall


Nowadays, most people have realized the impact of disinformation on our daily life. Many AI technologies have been applied to deal with it, especially for detecting it. However, users may have read the disinformation and believed it before the AI models can detect and remove it. In this talk, I will introduce some of the possible further solutions for changing people’s belief on the fake information. We focus on the way to provide the corrected information and explanations to users. We hope these methods can cover more target users and will be more effective as a kind of “treatment” rather than pure “diagnosis”.

當大家對假新聞的議題都能評論幾句的今日,除了使用 AI 技術自動找出假新聞之外,我們還能做甚麼呢?當假新聞在我們的日常生活氾濫成災,哪些人是接觸假新聞的高危險群呢?已經閱讀假新聞的使用者,我們該如何幫助他們?如何告訴大眾為什麼這是假新聞?他們會相信嗎?如何更好地解釋新聞之所以不真實的原因並扭轉讀者的認知?人工智慧技術在假新聞的議題上,除了偵測,我們能做的還有更多。在這個演講中,我將介紹假新聞偵測下一步的技術,並探討以人工智慧處理假新聞可能遇到的問題。

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  • 古倫維 Lun-Wei Ku
  • IIS, Academia Sinica / Research Fellow
  • Dr. Lun-Wei Ku received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2009. She joined the Institute of information Science, Academia Sinica as an assistant research fellow in Aug., 2012, and was promoted to be a research fellow in Aug., 2022. Her research expertise lies in natural language processing and information retrieval, especially in sentiment analysis and opinion mining. She often publishes quality papers in top conferences including ACL, AAAI, SIGIR, WWW, NAACL, and EMNLP. She is very active in the research community. She has been invited to be the program chair of ACL 2024. In addition, she involves in many international professional activities include the general chair and the program chair of StarSem 2021, StarSem 2019 and AIRS 2019, and the area chair of ACL, NAACL 2021, ACL, EMNLP, COLING 2020, EMNLP 2019, ACL 2017, CCL 2016, NLPCC 2016, ACL-IJCNLP and EMNLP 2015. Her research is internationally recognized and has been served as the AFNLP Member-at-Large and ACL SIGHAN Asia Information Officer. She is very experienced in academic and industrial collaborations. Her research collaborators come from US, Singapore, Sweden and Israel, and she is currently working with data companies, banks and hi-tech companies. Her current research topics focus on recommendation, visual storytelling, sensational text generation, knowledge-based question answering, lie detection, social media analysis and sport technology.

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