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Micron's Smart Enterprise Journey

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⏱️ 11/19 (Sat.) 10:40-11:10 at International Conference Hall


Micron as a leading-edge technology company in both DRAM and NAND field. How have we done by using automation, AI, ML to enhance our productivity, yield and quality, especially in the past 5 years? and how are we going to further improve with that along the way. We are going to introduce you how and what Micron has been enabled and adopted for the 4th industrial revolution applications​. Through the journey, productivity and quality we’ve gained by introducing I4.0 technologies in terms of automation, AI and machine learning. Moreover, some real practical cases would be shared that benefit wafer output, Labor efficiency , yield as well as quality such as the prediction of parts early failures. Last but not least, Micron is leveraging machine learning for strategic product pricing, reducing operational footprint while continuously improving performance..etc. those new enablers could support us to successfully scale up from smart manufacturing to smart enterprise.

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  • 曾耀瑩 Steve Tzeng
  • Micron / Sr. Director, Technology Group
  • In charge of Micron Taiwan's adavanced technology demployment and yield improvement

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