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Image Based Training And Perception for EV Speed Detection

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⏱️ 11/19 (Sat.) 14:00-14:30 at International Conference Hall



In addition to transportation, Electrical Vehicle(EV) is going to be the main 3rd living space. One of the next focus of OEMs will be the 5-sense user experiences including sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in the smart cabin. The speaker will reveal the evolution of EV smart cabin through emerging AI technology.

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  • 連宏城 Ted Lien
  • MIH Consortium / Technical Consultant
  • 擁有十多年開源軟硬體和創業經驗,專長機器人和電動車智慧座艙和自動駕駛領域,著作十餘本書並活躍於開源社群,目前也兼任長庚大學助理教授。

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