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The Artificial General Intelligence(Strong AI)Might Change the Game Rule of e-Commerce Business

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⏱️ 11/18 (Fri.) 16:30-17:00 at 2nd Conference Room


1. AI history brief and the differences between AI(1) and AI(2)
2. The matrix of AI applications
3. How is the consciousness formed and working
4. How will the traditional EC mechanism be changed
5. The example of AI(2) implementations on e-commerce

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  • 謝振豊 Vincent Hsieh
  • YSDT (Fareastone Telecom Group) friDay shopping / General Manager
  • • General Manger: Yuan Shi Digital Technology (Fareastone Telecom Group) To reform the conventional e-commerce system by proprietary AI algorithm.
    • Founder and CEO: uitox corporation (global e-commerce) To establish EC sites and branch offices in 13 countries by utilizing the cloud technology.
    • COO: PChome shopping To define the conventional e-commerce system structure which has been adopted by most of EC sites in Taiwan. To create ‘24h shopping’ service which supported PChome had remained B2C No.1 position for more than 10 years. To invent credit card installment payment on EC 15 years ago, that is truly BNPL(buy now pay later) To propose electronic invoice system to the government, that become the standard in EC industry in Taiwan.
    • COO: Ruten shopping (JV by PChome and Ebay) To make Ruten become No. 1 in C2C e-commerce in Taiwan. To help the company be profitable from loss condition before on duty. To create the business model, store A to store B in the convenient store system, which become the industry standard still working.
    • Deputy General Manager: Quanta Computer (Europe) To establish the Global Logistic Service operation in Europe for company’s important customers, Dell and HP.
    • Deputy General Manager: Acer computer (Europe) To build up the operation from scratch for supporting company’s global strategy in EMEA area, and service her major customer, IBM.

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